July 3, 2011

i found a new love...

i've been playing with heat transfer vinyl (HTV) and i've found a new love! i got tickets at work to go watch the texas rangers so i had to make us shirts!! i finally got some heat transfer vinyl and thanks to all the peeps on the MTC forum i'm now a pro! :) i can't believe how easy it was!! so i started off with my blank t-shirt that i bought on sale at micheal's (2 for$5).

next i cut out my  image from MTC, using the a blade depth of 4, a pressure setting of med, and speed setting of 3. the HTV comes with a shiny clear transfer covering on the front of the vinyl to use as transfer tape. you want to make sure that you don't cut all the way thru this. i found out the hard way with my first attempt and it was a major pain in the hind quarters! anyway after my image was cut out i weeded the excess and placed it centered on my shirt. i bought the siser easy weed HTV and they aren't lying when they say easy weed. i was a little nervous about how i was going to get it all out but in comes right out.

after deciding where to place my design it's time to iron, you have to use some sort of barrier when you iron. you can get teflon sheets to use but since i'm new to this and trying it out i used a plain brown paper grocery sack. (read about that on the MTC forum)

press firmly for about 10 secs all over the whole design.

after you have pressed your design all over you are ready to peel off your transfer paper. the nice thing about siser easy weed is that it is a hot or cold peel. i found that if it's slightly warm it peels better but it peels just fine cold too. i let it stand for a moment because right after ironing that plastic is a little warm! :)

i wanted a layer effect so i next added my top layer. on 1 of my shirts the top layer went down perfectly but on the other 2 i had a little trouble getting it to line up right soooooo, i ironed down one side of the top layer (about half) and then lined up the other half and while holding it in place i put my grocery sack back down and ironed over the second half. now again because this is really my first experience with HTV i'm not sure if this is normal or if i'm doing something wrong. it worked out though! i'll keep you update if i learn some other way!

this summer at work we are having a contest... our "mascot" is sheriff lonestar. when we go on vacation or anywhere really and we take lonestar with us we are to take pics and the best photo wins every month. well i'm taking lonestar with me to the game on my shirt, but first i had to deck him out in his rangers gear. i photoshopped his cowboy hat and replaced it with a rangers hat.

 i add lonestar to my shirt and he's ready to go...

after i got all my shirts done i had to add a little bling with my new rhinestone applicator tool i got last week.

mav loved her bling, but the boys wouldn't let me add any bling to theirs. can you believe it?? here are the final results of the shirts...

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