July 29, 2011

it's hard being a diva, doggy dress

i found this blog and this diy craft and couldn't wait to get started for my favorite little niece hershey and adopted niece diva. the name of the blog is sew doggy style and you can click here to she her post. here's how i made their dresses...

my materials i used was an old jean pocket, some cow print material, some pink tulle, black ribbon (i ended up not actually using the black ribbon but just the pink instead.) and some hot pink ribbon. the first step is to gather your material to fit the pocket. in order to do this you need to cut your material about 2 and 1/2 times larger than your finished result.

 i measured from here to here and got 4 in. so i cut my material 10 in. from here you have to gather your material to do this you will need to a 1/2 in seam across the top leaving a good amount of string on either end. very import not to back stick here...

after you have your 1/2 in seam time to sew a 1/4 in seam across the top as well, and again to do not back stitch on either end. once you have both seams sewn, tie one end of the strings together to keep from pulling the thread out. with the other end pull the top string along, much like you would a curtain rod, and bunch or gather the material.

the next step you will need to do is hem the edges to prevent raveling. before you sew the edges line up your gathered material to your pocket to assure it's the right size.

i pressed the edges first...

and then sewed a 1/4 in seam..

then repeat for the bottom edge. when finished the back should look like this...

next do the same thing with tulle. be careful with the tulle, it is delicate and will rip easily. the tulle doesn't need to be hemmed just gathered.

after i lined up the tulle and cow print

i placed the pocket on top and then sewed the three pieces together. i used thread about the same color as the thread used on the pocket, a light brown color.

after the three pieces are sewn together the dress comes together like so...

after the top of the dress is together it's time to make the body of the dress. to do this you will need to measure around body of your dog to determine the size of material to cut. i used scraps from an old shirt i used with another project. i like the t shirt material because it stretches.

after you cut your material it's time to sew it onto the pocket

i placed it on the pocket down from the top seam some. i sewed one side and then the next.

next i cut the ribbon to attach for around the neck.

i sewed the ribbon to the top and the dress is done. well..... ok it's done unless you like me need some need some bling! :)

i had to make a diva dress for my favorite little diva so that's what i did. i cut my words and shadow out of HTV on make the cut then placed them onto the pocket.

after cutting out the shadow layer and the top layer it's time to iron it on. place the shadow layer down and something on top to protect from heat such as a teflon sheet. iron about 8-10 sec.

pull the off the shinny top layer of the HTV and re-iron the HTV with the protective layer. after you have re-ironed line up your top layer repeat the process.

NOW it's time for the bling!! :)

i use fabric glue to place my stones.

and after you add the bling.... ta da you're done! :)

baby girl diva...
and sweet hershey...

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