July 24, 2011

canvas art

i got an idea to make another canvas like i did mav's...

i got the idea for this from jin at underacherrytree.com. (canvas tutorial) this time i wanted to add some bling. i was inspired by my friend priscilla's daughter's room. she has a paris theme room all pink and black with the eiffel tower everywhere. so i wanted to make a canvas with a chandelier silhouette and of course some bling.

so i started with my materials.. i got a canvas and some acrylic paint and some rhinestones and cement to glue them to the canvas. courtney's walls are already pink but i wanted a pink background so i decided to sponge paint the canvas to give it some texture to make it stand out against her walls.

i used a regular sponge and dabbed the paint onto the canvas. now on my canvas for mav i used contact paper and cut out the outline of the different parts and used it as a stencil. but with this one because i wanted a chandelier and because the one i chose was pretty detailed i decide just to cut the design out of black vinyl and place that onto the canvas instead.

after i got the vinyl on the canvas i used the cement glue and placed the rhinestones over the beaded areas on the image. here's the finished result...


  1. That's awesome!! I am lovin that chandelier!