July 8, 2011

miss priss *update*

my friend priscilla is the queen of bling! she loves all things bling. she blings EVERYTHING!!

at a recent pool party for our department cilla brought her ice chest she just bought that day. she said she got the cheap one at walmart and had to put her name on it cause everyone is going to have the same one. so she put her name on it...

AND yes, she did blinged it! she said what man is going to try and take my ice chest?!?! :) she said the diamond she drew on it was going to be her new symbol. that got me to thinking. i made my first MTC original design with cilla in mind. using the basic shapes i made a diamond.

after i made the image i thought that i could make it into a rhinestone template to make a shirt for her.

this was my first real rhinestone template. i couldn't wait to put it onto a shirt for her...

it turned out GREAT, i can't wait to give it to.

 click here for file

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