July 17, 2011

dallas mavericks nba champions!!

in honor of our great dallas mavericks nba championship win i had to make my own little maverick a shirt. 

even though she isn't ACTUALLY named after the dallas mavericks it doesn't hurt to do a little play on words! she gets so excited when she sees her name everywhere! :) i wanted to make her her own mavs gear. first i started with googling some dallas mavericks logos. i found several...

i ended up choosing the last one. i liked the throw back look of that one and besides... it was going to be the easiest one to convert! :) i pixel traced the image into MTC and then broke apart the layers. i used the green i got to make our TCA mighty eagles shirts and some blue glitter vinyl express4fun shipped me as an extra. i decided to just do the image and then put her name underneath. i'm sure i'll get plenty of people telling me i left off the "s" in maverickS but i wanted it to be her name. i cut out my image and then layered it on my shirt. here's the before and after. it turned out so cute!




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