July 17, 2011

angry birds... *UPDATE*

i redid bayley's angry bird shirt with the HTV. it turned out SOOOOO much better than the material ones did. (angry birds) i am so glad i redid it.

after i fixed bayley's i got started on maverick's...

i wanted to make her red angry girl. so i gathered up my stuff and started cutting it out. when i got to her bow i didn't have the right color yellow sooooo i gave her a cute little in style zebra print bow. the zebra print bow is WAY better! 

mav loved her shirt and it looked soooo cute on her. ( i can't take a pic of her with out her posing! :) )

ok so bayley has one and mav has one, now it's my turn! i love the yellow birds. they are my fav so yellow angry bird shirt for me!! got my shirt...

i've got my pattern, (patterns)

now with a little tweaking to make the face the right size for my shirt i'm finished!!

now i'm no longer jealous of the kids shirts. i've got my own! i swear i'm just as bad as the kids sometimes! :)

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  1. I would love to make these shirts for my daughter's birthday. Can you send me the svg file? Thanks!