June 16, 2011

angry birds...

ok so bayley is going to legoland with some friends for a summer outing. before picking up his friends for the sleepover i had to stop by micheal's for my weekly bargains and found t-shirts 2 for $5! well the wheels in my brain start turning, lets make.... ANGRY BIRDS!!!

after gathering everything together, i used scrap material and wonder under that i already had at home, we are ready to get angry...

i got the angry birds idea from my svg files i created the other day using my make the cut software (only the best software ever invented!! thanks a bunch andy!!)
after creating all the birds, i created the shirt with the intention of making it with my kids, but now we can have fun shirts for our outing and i can be the COOLEST mom ever!!! :)

so, i cut my scrap material to fit on my cricut mat and then cut my wonder under (steam to seam, whatever you chose to call it) the same size and iron it together to make a piece of "material paper" to run through the cricut.

i then placed my "material paper" material side down on the cricut mat and secured it with painters tape.

now let the cutting begin... (one "little" side note here, make sure that your design is set to mirror image since the material side is facing down. otherwise your image will come out reversed. trusted me, :) i had to redo the eyes!!)

now while i'm SLAVING away over a cutting cricut and a hot iron the boys are outside breaking in the new pool liner that was just installed earlier in the day. (the pool is literally being filled while they are swimming)

while they are outside, i put together the pieces using basic paper piecing. i figured the least amount of ironing that a 10 year boy is going to have to do the better!! now to put the faces on the shirts...

of course MY kids the ham!! :)

and then (insert the glowing lights and ahhhhh music here).....


we had so much fun! the boys were SOOOO excited, and the best part was that they were really excited and not just acting excited to make me feel good. our day trip was a blast, i fully recommend legoland it was well worth the day. our shirts just made the trip, i can't even begin to tell you how much people commented on our shirts not to mention the looks! it was awesome!


  1. What a great idea! Your Angry Bird t-shirts look AWESOME!!

    Under A Cherry Tree.com

  2. Ok, I seriously need those Angry Bird SVGs... Are you selling them? Great shirts!!

  3. Hi there-

    I'm reading through your blog and and not sure what Steam to Seam is and what you used the "material paper" for? Can you explain a little more? I'd like to try and make for DH

  4. hi jackie, steam to seam is a way to make iron ons. you iron the S2S onto the back of your material and then peel the paper backing off you iron it onto your shirt. the "material paper" is what you get when you iron the S2S onto the back on your material before you pull the backing off, this allows you to be able to apply the material to your mat in order to run it thru your machine... in my case my cricut. i would actually prefer to use heat transfer vinyl but because it was a last min. thing didn't have any and this worked. does that answer your question?

  5. Deon,
    Are you willing to share your svg files that you created? My sons birthday is coming up and I would love to make personalized birthday invites.

  6. sorry i just now say your comment!! which file were you wanting?

  7. I love the Angry Birds. I would love to have the files if you are willing to share. Thanks for showing them!!

  8. i have them under the file tab at the top. i loved how the angry birds turned out. i did them before i had ordered any HTV vinyl and just used steam to seam and they didn't wash very well, BUT i've got my HTV now and i'm going to redo them.

  9. Hi, Love your shirts!! I was wondering if youd be willing to share or sell your angry birds file... my little guy is dying for an angry birds bday party and really wants the little blue bird, and ive been having a real hard time finding a decent picture. If you could help that would be so awesome!! Thanks Erin

  10. hey Erin I have them on the top of the page under thefiles tab. here's the link
    I'm on my iPhone so I hope that works if not u can email me. deonj_21@yahoo.com let me know if I can help in anyway. am angry bird b day would be AWESOME!! I've wanted to redo my shirts I made with the heat transfer vinyl. I got me a shirt to make the yellow one he's my fav @ I have a file for the girl fort daughter. :)

  11. IT is tooooooo awesome

  12. Anonymous is RAAD btw......

  13. What is the name of the cut software btw?

  14. the software that i use is MTC. it is an awesome program. they just released an update this week. it is amazing. you can find the link at the top!

  15. I was searching for things to do for my sons birthday and found your post. I love the shirts you made...too cute! I have MTC too and love it. I saw where you were sharing the file that you made but I couldn't seem to find it to download. If you are willing to share it with me I would love to use them for the party!

  16. OMG! I cannot wait to make these for my daughter's birthday! Her friends are going to be so excited. Thanks so much for sharing!

  17. just wondering if you would be willing to share your angry bird files, doing an angry birds b-day party for my son, love your shirts, they turned out great! email: jannamadsen@hotmail.com

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