October 8, 2011

teacher chair cover tutorial

my aunt asked me to help her with some covers to place over the backs of the chairs in her classroom to show the student of the day. she had made some last year from reusable bags she got at the dollar store and wrote on them with sharpie. she wanted something different this year and asked if i could help her with it. of course i would! and miss a chance to play?!?!? she wanted one boy and one girl student each day and also a cover for birthdays. with the theme in her room being bees she asked for them to be king bee, queen bee, and birthday bee. i set to work. i got some canvas from joann's, she needed something thick and durable as well as washable. i got some bright cheerful pink and blue. i used her original one as my pattern since i knew that those fit the chairs. i cut out a piece for the front and back and about a 2 in strip the length for the sides.

i sewed one strip to each side and then repeated for the second panel so my "bag" now looked like this...

next i measured out about a 2 in strip the length of the bag for the top. i sewed the two ends together to what would be the sides of the bag then came back and sewed the top to the front and back panels.

to clean up the bottom edge i folded over and hemmed it up

AND because i'm a good little ocd girl that refuses she has any sort of problem i ironed out all the seams so that they would lay flat. : ) here's my bag...

so now for some HTV fun. after searching all thru google i found my king bee, queen bee, and birthday bee images that i wanted to use. i pixel traced them into MTC and layered out each color. i cut out the different pieces and ironed them onto my bags. of course, no king or queen would be complete without some jewels, so bling was added. here's my finished project with aunt candy's from last year...

i can't wait to see them on the kids chairs!! she is picking them up sun. can't wait to see them in use.

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