October 8, 2011

custom rhinestone designs

here's my own rhinestone designs i made with MTC. have i mentioned how much i love that program?? : ) mav was invited to a barbie birthday party for one of her friends. so here's her gifts...

they turned out so cute and was easy with MTC rhinestone feature. i went a little different route this time then from designs i made in the past. i made my design in make the cut and mirror imaged it. i then copied and pasted into photoshop cs5 and then printed from there. i used the hot fix applicator tape and tape it onto my printed out pattern and begin placing stones. i'll warn you it can become tedious, BUT i did all 3 of these designs totally about an hour and a half. i didn't do it all in one sitting just a little here and there while watching tv. such a cute unique gift!!

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