November 12, 2010

SHHHHHH don't tell......

so maverick brings home tom the turkey,

now with tom the turkey comes this poem:

i have a bird i really love.
it's not a hawk. it's not a dove.
it's a turkey. it's my best friend.
he'll be beside me 'till the end.

the problem is the end is near
for thanksgiving is almost here
turkey's get eaten in large supplies!
so my dear bird friend i must disguise! 

soooo.... our job is to set out to disguise poor tom the turkey from being eaten in 2 weeks. i had the brilliant idea of using my fabulous paper dolls cart to make tom some clothes. i gave maverick the booklets and let her decide what she wanted tom to be and what did she decide??? a cheerleader of course! so she colored tom...

and of course he looked great...

i then used mtc and my snipping tool to get the cheerleader graphic from the cart, thanks to cuts by connie, and tweaked the cheer-leading outfit to fit tom's voluminous figure. next we cut out our cheer-leading outfit complete with shoes, pom poms, ponytail and school spirit to boot. and then presto change o..... 

tom the turkey has become tomitia, my best friend....

SHHHHHH, don't tell! ;)

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